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You can trust us to take care of your business

If you entrust your security to us, your business will be in safe hands.


Some of the ways that you can use our skills and expertise to protect your business.

Security Officers, Concierge & Guarding

When you entrust your security to Code 9 Security; your business, people, assets and reputation will be protected by impeccably presented, highly disciplined and qualified security professionals that care about you.

Your security officer has the skills and expertise to protect your business 

  • Asset Protection

  • Reception & Concierge

  • Estate Porterage & Stewardship

  • Loss Prevention

  • Public Space Surveillance

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Key Holding, Tactical Patrol & Response

You want to know that you can depend on your security when you need it most. Our tactical patrol and response service is designed to do just that. Operating around the clock, you can rely on us to take care of your business.

You can rely on our tactical patrol and response team around the clock

  • Key Holding

  • Alarm Response

  • Strategic Patrol

  • Lone Worker Welfare Checks

  • Emergency CoResponders


Security Practitioners & Consultancy

In uncertain times, you know the importance of being prepared. With Code 9 Security at your side, you can be confident that your business is ready and able to respond effectively, capably and quickly to an emergency.

Your security practitioner helps your business prepare, implement and respond

  • Specialist Security Consultancy

  • Major Incident Planning

  • Risk Management Consultancy

  • Security Strategy Development

  • Security Service Management

To serve you better, we invest in specialist officers with advanced skills


For unique risks and environments, you can rely on us to support you with specialist personnel

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Dog Handling

To deliver you the very best security, we sometimes use specialist detection and search dogs alongside general purpose security dogs to support your overall security endeavour.


Bio Security

Infection and contamination can be devastating to British farming. You can trust Code 9 Security to help enforce your bio-security controls, protecting your livelihood. 


You can maintain excellent security and compliance with the Department for Transport regulations when you entrust your airside and apron security to Code 9 Security.

Your security strategy will benefit from our innovation and out-of-the-box thinking


Innovation and smart technology to enhance your security

SelectaDNA Forensic Coding

You can now use the latest forensic tagging technology to protect your business, thanks to Code 9 Security's partnership with SelectaDNA. 

Helping you to maximise the benefits of the SelectaDNA technology, and having the unique capability to search for and identify SelectaDNA products, you can now take full advantage of this latest security innovation.

Eagle Eye Cloud Surveillance

When you think about security, it is difficult not to think about surveillance and closed circuit television. This is why we have embraced the latest development in surveillance technology - the cloud. 

Working with Eagle Eye Networks, Code 9 Security are offering you the benefits of a fully managed cloud surveillance platform, with real-time monitoring capability.