Dynamic security for dynamic businesses

You want to ensure your business is safe, secure and protected. This is why our tactical patrol and response team are ready to respond dynamically to your changing needs, 24 hours a day.

For your peace of mind, your response service is delivered by experienced security professionals equipped with the very latest technology and key resources to protect your business and manage emergency situations effectively.

Code 9 Security can help you with out-of-hours key-holding, routine security patrols throughout the night, support provision for your lone-working employees, and immediate response to alarm activations or dynamic emergencies.

Our tactical patrol and response teams are managed by dedicated coordination officers based at our command centre. From here, we are able to decode automated alarm signals, handle and prioritise inbound emergency communication, analyse other intelligence from strategic partners and media channels and translate it all into strategic operational management benefiting you and your business.

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Is it time to find out how our Patrol and Response Team can work for your business?

We cannot believe how much your service has changed our lives. We can go out without worrying who is going to lock up at the end of the night, or who is going to turn out at 2am when the alarm goes off.
— Facility Manager, Community Centres