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You can trust us to take care of your business

You can trust our security officers to take care of your business.


Corporate Security & Concierge

You can rely on your security concierge to deliver an excellent first impression. Impeccably presented, with a smile on their face, your security concierge will not only take care of your business, but they will take care of your visitors too. 

Greeting each guest with a warm, professional and hospitable greeting - whilst capturing the relevant information to facilitate a smooth transition to their upcoming meeting or appointment. 

At the same time, if someone had an accident, the fire alarm sounded or there was another emergency, you can rely on your security concierge to immediately take control of the situation and respond proportionately, effectively and professionally. 

Asset Protection

For construction and engineering projects, you can entrust our specialist asset protection officers to safeguard your site, tools and equipment.

Control Centre

You can be confident that your premises are in safe hands with our specialist control and command officers taking responsibility for your critical surveillance and communications function.

Loss Prevention

In a challenging retail environment, you can rely on our loss prevention officers to reduce your losses through positive customer engagement. 

Other Security Duties

If you partner with us, you will have a dedicated team of disciplined, qualified and experienced security professionals here around the clock to support your unique needs and requirements.


To support your security officer, we sometimes use highly trained detection dogs and security dogs to protect your business. 


Specialist Dog Handlers


You may have a particular sensitivity that you want your security team to proactively manage, such as searching vehicles entering and exiting your secure site for hostile contents, or passively searching for narcotics. In either case, you can have confidence in your search capability when you are supported by our Canine Support Section. 


If you are concerned about the size of your estate, or have a particular problem, threat or vulnerability, then you may wish to consider the benefits of our general purpose security dogs. With highly experienced and qualified handlers, you can enjoy the unmatched capability of our security dogs manning your perimeter.