Maritime Security

Code 9 Security have taken the time to understand that security concerns of yacht and boat owners, and the challenges they face in protecting their vessels. We are able to assist you protect your vessel against theft, vandalism and sabotage so that you can continue to enjoy the freedom afforded by the open seas.


Forensic Asset Protection

Using the very latest forensic coding technology, we are able to protect your valuable on-board equipment, such as GPS, navigation and communication systems. Our solutions are certified for 5-year external durability, so will survive the challenging conditions at sea. 

Vessel Tracking

For your peace of mind, we assist our clients with the registration and tracking of their vessel. This enables our operations centre to accurately locate a vessel wherever it is in the world using advanced satellite technology and real-time mapping systems.

Marina Security Concierge

The pleasures of recreational seafaring do not end when you come into a marina, and our marina security concierge are able to assist with safely docking and getting connected, whilst providing a warm welcome, 5* hospitality and taking care of your security too. 


Specialist & International Maritime Security 

If you are looking for assistance with close protection, international protection, travel advice, or other shipping or maritime security, please contact us. One of our maritime security specialists will then contact you at your convenience to arrange an initial consultation.