Loss prevention for retail

Having an effective loss prevention strategy that tackles shoplifting and internal pilferage is a critical part of successful retail business management. A well considered loss prevention strategy will create a deterrent, allow for detection, and facilitate effective interception.  

Code 9 Security's frontline uniformed loss prevention officers greet your customers with a warm smile, a positive greeting and helping them with any assistance they may need. This allows for positive client engagement, whilst also offering the benefits of deterrence, detection and interception.

Alternatively, our cover store detectives work in plain clothes, blending in  amongst your other customers to allow for the discreet and unobtrusive detection and interception of thieves and shoplifters.  

All of our loss prevention officers, both uniformed and covert, are licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). Each officer is also subject to thorough, and certificated, screening and vetting in accordance with British Standards (BS 7858), giving you peace of mind that your officers are of good integrity and character.

Unlike many of our competitors however, we make a significant investment into our officers continuing training and professional development - providing skill expansion in important areas that are often overlooked by our peers.

With Code 9 Security, you will also benefit from a security practitioner to assist you help build and manage an effective loss prevention strategy that works for your outlet. 

Our loss prevention strategies have delivered results for some of the biggest high street names including Debenhams, House of Fraser, Superdry and Jeremy France Jewellers; we are now ready to help improve your security and reduce your losses too.

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We have never before seen such positive engagement from our security staff. You are a natural extension to our sales team... and our losses are almost gone too!
— General Manager, High Street Retailer