Code 9 Security key holding and alarm response

Here for you, when you need us most

Our 24-hour key holding and alarm response services are a very simple, yet effective, way to maintain the security of your home or business. 

As your authorised and nominated key holder, our licensed officers are on standby to respond to your security requirements around the clock. We will respond to an alarm activation, control access for contractors while you are away or just maintain proactive patrols for your complete peace of mind.

Your keys are stored in secure key vaults at your local operations centre. This means your keys are available for authorised users in an emergency, but properly protected and safeguarded while in store.

To further enhance your security, you will receive a complimentary SelectaDNA forensic coding kit for your valuables, jewellery or expensive electronics. 

Finally, our aesthetic signage warns would-be criminals that your property is protected.

Call us today on 08442 448 448.

No longer do you have to respond to your alarm at 2am, when it is pouring with rain.