Evidence Gathering Team

For major events, crowded spaces and areas that are vulnerable to public disorder, Code 9 Security have a specialist evidence gathering team who embed within a responsive security detail to capture photographic and video evidence that can be used to assist in investigations and prosecute offenders. 

Our evidence gathering team, many of whom are former police or military surveillance experts, are specialists within their field and are under the frontline management of either an intelligence officer or a senior commander. 

Equipped with the latest technology, including high quality cameras, drone technology, and specialist photographic and videographic equipment - our evidence gathering team are a highly efficient and effective resource - and they have supported our commanders making real-time decisions, assisted the police in post-event investigation and been able to produce high quality evidence submissions for use in Court. 

Our evidence gathering teams work really well in sports arenas and stadia, as well as at live events and festivals - but can also be used, both overtly and covertly for a wide range of strategic applications.

Call us on 08442 448 448 to find out how our evidence gathering team can support you.

Code 9 Aerial

Aerial Surveillance

Code 9 Security were the first private security company to have an aerial surveillance capability, with fully qualified and insured pilots registered with the Civil Aviation Authority with Permission for Aerial Work. 

A number of our pilots are also accredited in specialist disciplines, including night-time flight operations and controlled space activities. All of our flight operations are carefully managed by an experienced flight commander, who assumes responsibility for making sure that our flights are conducted safely, lawfully and ethically.

Please contact us for more information on our aerial surveillance capability.