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Helping people living with dementia


We are Dementia Friends

More than 900,000 people in the UK live with dementia, a disease which affects their lives in many different ways. We at Code 9 Security believe that everyone should still be able to live their lives to the full, even when living with dementia.That is why we made a commitment to be the first security company to sign up to be Dementia Friends.

All of our security personnel undergo dementia awareness training, helping them to recognise and positively engage with those living with dementia. We also provide useful, practical and simple guidance, tips and advice on how our officers can better accommodate the unique needs of those people, their friends and family.

Some of our greatest successes with the Dementia Friends programme have been achieved in shopping centres and at local community events. Our officers have been able to make a real difference  - often just by making the slightest of adjustments to make sure that their client experience was first class and not burdened by the challenges of dementia.

Code 9 Security are the first dementia friendly security company in the UK.