Preparing for Winter

With our newsfeed buzzing with updates about snow, ice and arctic blasts, Code 9 Security are making the final preparations for our winter resilience and cold weather continuity plan - due to be published on 01 November 2018.

Our winter preparations include maintaining operational continuity through the most challenging conditions of the winter season, from treacherous roads to subzero temperatures. To respond to these seasonal demands, we review our full risk controls and capabilities - making changes to uniforms to keep our colleagues warm, providing advanced driver training to keep our colleagues (and the public) safe on the road, and upgrading our fleet, along with the equipment we carry on board our vehicles.

If, as the news keeps telling us, we do have an ‘arctic blast’ or a period of subzero temperatures, snow and ice - you can rest assured that we are still here, ready to respond to your needs. Furthermore, our colleagues are properly equipped and kitted out to carry out their duties properly, comfortably and safely.

How does your business prepare for winter? If you would like to find out more about our winter resilience planning, or if we can help you with your security, please get in touch. 08442 448 448

“The Beast from the East” captured in London, February 2018

“The Beast from the East” captured in London, February 2018