Preparing for the risks posed by the continuing heat wave

So far this year we have endured snow and ice, and now a prolonged heatwave. These extremities of weather pose some challenges in delivering a resilient and effective security service. Fortunately, Code 9 Security prepare and equip themselves to manage these challenges, and respond appropriately to the risks that these conditions pose to our clients. 

Some of you may remember that we sent out service updates during the snow and ice about how we had prepared our response vehicles to maintain service continuity, with additional four-wheel drive vehicles being brought in and advanced driver training to ensure that we could remain mobile. 

Now we have a prolonged heatwave, all of our response officers are doing advanced training in fire risk management, and our security practitioners are proactively consulting with our clients on how we can mitigate their fire risk and the vulnerability to malicious arson. 

To complement this, our officers are also equipping themselves with a first response fire fighting kit to carry onboard their response vehicles to allow them to respond quickly and effectively to a small fire, whilst being able to quickly and confidently escalate more serious incidents to the fire and rescue service before stepping into a scene management and containment role.

As we continue through this spell of great weather, ask yourself how you have prepared your business for dynamic and environmental changes - and whether your security partners are proactively supporting you. If you would like some help or advice with your plans or arrangements, get in touch with us on 08442 448 448.