Working in partnership in Peninsula

Health, safety and employee welfare are a serious consideration for us. This is why we have have partnered with Peninsula Business Services, who provide us with bi-annual health and safety audits, independent advice and support with managing our human resource compliance. 

Working together, our management teams and subject matter specialists can focus on taking care of our clients, whilst providing our clients and stakeholders with reassurance that health, safety and welfare remain at the forefront of our mind.

Having a partner with the size and scale of Peninsula is great for us as a smaller business, giving us access to a wide range of subject matter experts that allow us to be responsive to our clients changing needs, whilst enabling us to dynamically adapt to new health and safety challenges quickly, and react to an emergencies with support from around the clock health and safety expertise.

In addition to health and safety, our human resources team work hand in hand with Peninsula to make sure that our employees can thrive and progress in their careers with us. 

Our employees matter, and working with Peninsula enables us to ensure that we have the very best practice when it comes to human resources. 

Getting this right will enable us to remain a great organisation to work for, and allow our employees to progress their careers with us - knowing that they are going to be looked after, respected and treated fairly. 

For our clients, they can enjoy the peace of mind and reassurance that they will have a motivated, loyal and dedicated workforce. 

Our partnership with Peninsula is good for your business, and ours. 

If you would like to find out more about our partnership with Peninsula, or would like to find out how it could benefit your business, call us on 08442 448 448.

GeneralDaniel Gormley