Recognition for the security staff following the Manchester terror attack


It has been announced earlier this week that the brave police officers and security personnel who helped manage the aftermath of the Manchester terror attack, are to be honoured for their 'extraordinary acts of bravery'.

A number of officers from British Transport Police and Northern Rail's security contractor, have been included in the honours which were presented at Manchester Town Hall. 

Read more: you can read more details about the ceremony and those recognised on Sky News >

We come across security personnel regularly in our day to day lives, at train stations, supermarkets, pubs, shopping centres, and sometimes at work too - but when was the last time we stopped to think about what they actually do, and how we would rely on them in the event of an emergency. 

Code 9 Security invest heavily in our officers, ensuring that our colleagues are ready to protect your business or respond to the unexpected. Are you, and your security officers ready to step up for you too?

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