Investment in Security Officer training can save lives


Your Security Officer should be ready for any eventuality.

When an emergency occurs - whether it is a cardiac or first-aid emergency, or a natural disaster or workplace violence incident - the emergency responder who makes the difference between life and death is one who is well trained. This can include individuals who receive this training as part of their profession and also ordinary members of society.

When we consider those who train for these life-threatening situations as part of their careers, hospital staff, paramedics and police officers are the first to come to mind. But the first responders to many emergencies are not medical staff or law enforcement but, in fact, security officers. Security officers are around us every day – in our workplaces, schools, banks and stores - and when these individuals are well trained, they are positioned to step in and save lives.

Although security officers are based all over the UK, they have something very specific in common – their training. Security officer training is required not only at the start of a new assignment but throughout their career. This training is required on many subject areas. First Aid, AED and CPR training are only some of the training possibilities for security teams.

Heroic acts by security officers happen every day. Whether it is the sensitivity to assist a lost child or the technical ability to track and report on a crime in progress through a security video system, training makes a critical difference. Terrorism awareness, fire safety, driver training, communication, customer service and industry- and site-specific training (covering reporting regulations and building systems) are critical. Each security officer needs unique training and certification to prepare them for the responsibilities at the site to which they are assigned.

Security officers patrol the interior and exterior of the premises where they work. If there is a disturbance or emergency situation where someone’s life is in danger, the security officer is often the first on the scene. Well trained security officers are vitally important. Security officers who are confident in the skills learned through training become an incredible resource for their workplaces and their communities.

When hiring security officers, enterprise security leaders should look closely at training requirements and include ongoing educational efforts in their budgets to ensure officers are able to provide the best value to the business – especially in the most critical, life-and-death situations.

At Code 9 Security we invest heavily in our officers' training, with every officer having a minimum of the NVQ Level 3 First Aid at Work, plus NVQ Level 2 CPR and Defibrillation. Our Response Officers and those working in public places are given further medical training to an enhanced co-responder level. These higher skilled officers are fully equipped with all of the key life-saving equipment to make a real difference. 

If you would like more information about our officers, their training or our CoResponder service, call us on 08442 448 448.

GeneralDaniel Gormley