Fear: a new way of life?


A few weeks ago, I wrote about the lessons of the Black Friday terror scare, and how a non-event escalated into a full counter-terrorism incident affecting thousands of Londoners, tourists and businesses. 

The fear of terror in the UK is now at an unprecedented level, and I frequently hear people talking about how they wouldn't take their family on a day out to London amidst fear of terror. 

Our politicians and social influencers take to the media talking about our strength, our solidarity, our resilience and resistance to the fear of terror - but the reality is very different as demonstrated in the post Christmas sales.

Two incidents were reported between over the last two days, which clearly highlight our continuing trepidation. Similarly to the Black Friday incident, there were reports of gunshots on Oxford Street causing mass panic and a 'stampede'. 

Once again, however, our police - both regular and specialist armed officers - responded with due haste and quickly took control of the situation, whilst social media spread the news far and wide. 

Regrettably, one woman did suffer injuries as a result of the panic and 'stampede', although these are reported to be minor.

Image courtesy of the  Daily Mail

Image courtesy of the Daily Mail

Similarly, an incident at the Stratford Westfield centre sparked a crowd control situation - which some described as a 'riot'. The hugely busy and thriving London shopping centre descended into a melee as security, stewards and a large number of police officers tried to reestablish control. 

It is a sad fact that terrorism is a way of life in modern Britain, but we should, again, take great comfort from the swift and well-rehearsed actions of our police officers, the confidence in their leadership, and the greater awareness and positive actions of businesses and private security contractors

Fear of terrorism may be part of life nowadays, but we need not let it control us. We must protect our autonomy, but not compromise public order, and importantly remember that Action Counters Terrorism.

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