Our latest addition to the Dog Section


What has four legs, fur and sniffs out narcotics?

We are delighted to welcome the latest addition to our Canine Support Section, Toby. In the next few days, Toby will embark upon a rigorous course to train him as a licensed detection dog - and he will soon be working with his handler and canine companions to help us deter and detect the unlawful possession of controlled substances.

In the early days, Toby will be working alongside our more experienced dogs supporting active search operations with colleagues from The Pub Door Company and Event Stewarding Company.

We will post updates on Toby's training over the coming months, and look forward to getting him familiar with the swarming crowds of festivals and larger public events in and around Hampshire and Berkshire.

For more information about our Canine Support Section, call us on 08442 448 448.

GeneralDaniel Gormley