Why are Code 9 Security Dementia Friends?

Over 900,000 people in the UK are living dementia, affecting their lives in very different ways. At Code 9 Security, we don't believe living with dementia should mean you cannot enjoy life, and carry on in the daily pleasures and indulgences you did before. 

Our security personnel are here to help those living with dementia do just that - to enjoy the same quality and autonomy they used to enjoy. Our training helps our frontline officers recognise, and positively respond to, those with dementia in simple, but hugely effective ways.

We are the first private security company in the UK to become Dementia Friends, and to proactively train our people in dementia awareness. We know how to recognise, help and accommodate those with dementia in our respective workplaces.

Since making our commitment to supporting the Alzheimer's Society initiative, our clients and their customers have responded with great enthusiasm and positivity - seeing the real difference this small commitment has made to their business and their customer experience.

Dementia can affect anyone, and we are now ready, trained and prepared to help those in need. Just one of the many ways Code 9 Security leads the way in innovative and added-value security benefiting our clients, and the wider community in which we operate.