Why are Code 9 Security Dementia Friends?


More than 900,000 people in the UK live with dementia, a disease which affects their lives in many different ways. We at Code 9 Security believe that everyone should still be able to live their lives to the full, even when living with dementia.

Code 9 Security is the first private security company in the UK to sign up to the Alzheimer's Society's initiative, "Dementia Friends." Dementia encompasses many different diseases that affect the brain and the symptoms range from memory loss and difficulties with problem-solving through to late-stage Alzheimer's disease.

All our personnel at Code 9 Security are proactively trained to recognise, empathise with and positively respond to individuals with dementia. We respect that people with dementia wish to continue their lives with the same level of dignity as before and we are trained to respond to those with dementia in simple but, nevertheless, highly effective ways. We consider it a privilege to help and accommodate those with dementia in our respective workplaces.

Since making the commitment to become Dementia Friends, our clients and their customers have responded positively and enthusiastically. We at Code 9 Security are proud that a small commitment from us has made such a profound difference to our clients' businesses and their customers' experiences.

Dementia is a cruel disease that can affect anyone. Code 9 Security is ready, trained and prepared to help those in need. This is just one of the many ways Code 9 Security leads the way in an innovative approach to security with added value to benefit all our clients and the wider community in which we operate. 

GeneralLucy McCorkindale