CSSC Business Bulletin

Welcome to the July edition of the CSSC Business Bulletin. In this issue, we focus on the National Business Crime Centre (NBCC), and particularly its activities around "Tackling Violence Against Businesses".

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Tackling Violence Against Businesses

The NBCC was created as a result of Home Office Police Transformation Funding and is overseen by Deputy Commissioner Sir Craig Mackey of the Metropolitan Police Service. It is a national initiative that includes 43 police forces and the business community. 

At the June CSSC Breakfast Briefing Detective Chief Inspector Georgina Barnard provided an overview of the centre's activities, in particular in relation to violence. 

The NBCC works in alignment with the PROTECT, PREPARE, PURSUE and PREVENT strategies.


enable businesses to target resources more efficiently though effective intelligence exchange; and protect and disrupt organised business crime.


improve partnerships with the business community to reduce the impact of crime; and raise standards of Police approach to business.


prosecuting and disrupting criminals targeting businesses; and safeguarding by coordinating a joined-up national response and sharing excellence.


putting prevention at the heart of business engagement - with a focus on violence reduction; and enable businesses to protect themselves from cyber attacks. 

Violence against businesses occurs in a broad variety of formats. The NBCC has established a Violence Reduction Working Group to progress tools and engagement with the business community. These include: 

  • "Tackling Violence Against Businesses" events;
  • technical solutions;
  • physical solutions;
  • customer experience vs loss protection;
  • training for staff and security personnel. 

For these tools to be effective, it is imperative that businesses report crime, ideally backing it up with evidence such as comprehensive notes about the incident, CCTV footage and any other evidence. 

Read Sir Craig Mackey's latest blog, which provides his perspective about reducing violence against businesses, particularly knife crime.  

Finally, there is a wealth of information and guidance on the NBCC website, covering everything from fraud and scams to violence, cyber crime and physical intervention for door supervisors. 

GeneralDaniel Gormley