New and changing threats


Ever since the unprecedented attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon in 2001,  there has been a huge increase in atrocities carried out by terrorists, both in the UK and internationally.

The modus operandi of recent attacks is far more varied than the improvised explosive devices or targeted incursions involving aircraft of the past. Terrorists currently appear to favour weapons attacks and vehicle-borne attacks driven into mass crowds.

The threat associated with this new and continually changing exigency is huge. For this reason, it is important for businesses to prepare and ready themselves so that they can respond appropriately.  With more robust business continuity procedures, detailed contingency planning and more vigilant personnel to help identify, deter and detect potential hostile incidents, you can enjoy the benefits of a more secure and resilient workplace.

In view of these new challenges to security, Code 9 Security has taken several proactive steps to help our clients. We assess in detail the threats that their businesses face and how those threats can be managed effectively. We also establish what positive action could be taken to reduce the vulnerability of our clients’ businesses to hostile acts. As part of this support, we also help businesses develop contingency plans for how they should react in the event of an attack in the environment immediately surrounding their business, or if one of their competitors should become a victim.

Our specialist practitioners look at every aspect of the business, including behaviour and attitude towards security amongst the employees, the physical security measures in place to protect the business, and how security arrangements could be developed, improved and streamlined to maximise efficiency and value.

Enhanced security doesn’t mean that your business will feel like a prison. A developed security strategy that is professionally implemented should have a noticeable and qualitative impact, with improved employee morale, first class hospitality for your guests, visitors and customers, and greater efficiency for your critical business functions.

Everyone in our business is taking positive steps to improve how we prepare for, deter, detect and respond to the new threats. For example, every officer in our business undertakes the National Police Chiefs’ Council Project Griffin course. This is in addition to other continuing training programmes including recognising and reporting of suspicious behaviours, positive and proactive engagement, and media management training.

Now is a good time to ask yourself some questions.  How would your business cope in the event of a terrorist attack, or even as a victim of crime? Have you tested your security responses, and did you identify any areas for improvement? If you use a specialist security provider, what support do they give you to help minimise your vulnerability?

Remember, we are here to help you protect your business. We do it very well.  Why not get in touch with us? Call us on 08442 448 448.