Changing Perceptions


We must recognise the value of the Security Industry in an increasingly hostile society.


It is a sad truth that the security officer is often thought of as a second-class citizen; someone who is poorly educated, lacking any real talent or purpose, and maybe even 'disposable'. But when do you actually stop and think about what your security officer does for you?

I agree that there are some security personnel who live up to the negative stereotypes. The person who joins the industry for the wrong reasons, perhaps to vent an inner-anger issue, or to exercise a sense of power or control. But, I assure you, there are professionals in this industry: people who are intelligent, educated, talented and capable of adding real value to your business.

Image courtesy of BBC Three, "Rent a Cop" 

Image courtesy of BBC Three, "Rent a Cop" 

The media does not help either, with extravagant television documentaries showing unique and perhaps unconventional ways of delivering security. BBC Three's "Rent a Cop" series featuring Sparta Security Northeast is just one example, with the Managing Director dressing up as "Sandra", chasing suspects on a mobility buggy where there is no legitimate or lawful purpose or reason for him to do so. 

The modern security industry plays a vital role in safeguarding our autonomy and individuality, protecting our civil liberties and fundamental freedoms. It requires diplomacy, critical decision-making skills and discipline. It also requires everyone to realise the value that quality security can bring to an organisation. 

Business owners and procurement officers need to make smart investments into the right security partner for their business. Find an organisation with the knowledge, intelligence and understanding to deliver measurable results - with good officers, that are motivated, loyal and passionate about their work. This is what Code 9 Security can offer you. 

The public need to respect that there is someone there to safeguard them from hostility, whether a drunken individual or a terrorist. They need to appreciate the work that goes on behind the scenes, the tireless attention to detail and the often exposed, confrontational and challenging environments in which these officers operate. Code 9 Security has a mission to improve the awareness of security personnel, what they do, and the importance of security as a profession and career.

Security companies need to step up to change the industry, by investing in their officers, their training and their professional development. They need to create opportunities, embrace technology and pay a fair living wage. Managers need to respect their staff, their team and their individual contribution to the business - and not treat everyone like a number. In a recent CPNI guard force motivation survey, Code 9 Security exceeded national benchmarks by over 20% for quality of management and leadership, and for guardforce motivation.

What impression do you want your security officers to convey?

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