Why Presentation Matters


"Appearances can be deceiving" a quote that comes across as a cautionary tale perhaps - but is it always true? I have worked in the security industry now for a long time, and I don't think that "deceiving appearances" should be what we are going for...

... and this is why

When I first started out in the security industry many moons ago, I was surrounded by my peers: rough men in bomber jackets, combat trousers and steel toe cap boots - this being your then stereotypical "bouncer" uniform. 

For me, a smart appearance in the industry is everything. Not only is it an important way of conveying the image of the company you work for, but also a tool in moving the security industry forward away from the old "bouncer" image.

My colleagues and I are always required to be immaculate at all times in both appearance and mental attitude. I've often described to our new recruits that our suits are like our body armour protecting us from harm. Most would look at me blankly and politely remind me that a cotton mix suit is neither stab proof nor does it have a ballistic rating. This is not the point. If it looks good, then it is good! If you're stood on a door of a pub or a club on a Saturday night and your shirt looks like a discarded crisp bag and you are not well groomed, then I guarantee you are more likely to be involved in an incident than if you are dressed in a freshly pressed shirt and a suit. 

It's all about purveying an image. So even if you are new to the industry or lack confidence in physical situations,  I believe that image will help protect you during your duties and help to bring the industry forward to a new level of professionalism.