Adverse weather resilience


As the UK prepare for a spell of extreme weather, including sub-zero temperatures, snow and ice, Code 9 Security have put in advanced plans to make sure that our clients do not receive any service deterioration. 

With our four-wheel drive incident response vehicles, and advanced driver training, we are able to keep our tactical patrol and response teams operational despite the adverse weather conditions. All of our vehicles have also been equipped with an extreme conditions kit, preserving the comfort and resilience of our personnel.

Our logistics support team have also prepared themselves with extreme weather welfare equipment which will be distributed to our colleagues on frontline assignments over the coming hours as the first of the snow falls - making sure that they can perform their duties with comfort, safety and confidence. 

If you would like to find out more about our adverse weather resilience plans, or if you need additional support with your security, contact us on 08442 448 448. 

GeneralDaniel Gormley