Animal Welfare (Dog Section)

Animal welfare is a really important consideration for our business. This is why we take a number of positive steps to safeguard the health, safety, welfare and comfort of our dogs working alongside our specialist dog handlers. Our commitment goes beyond that of our frontline operations, and we also require all of our dog handlers to commit to high standards of animal welfare, and we routinely inspect how our animals are cared for in our business. 


Specially Adapted Vehicles

Our Canine Support Officers use specially adapted vehicles that promote the comfort and safety of our dogs. These adaptations maintain safe and comfortable temperatures and airflow throughout the caged areas, and ensure that our dogs are protected in the event of an accident or impact.

A Healthy Balance of Work and Play

Dogs love nothing more than time to play, explore and socialise. This is why we make every effort to ensure that our dogs have a healthy balance of work and play. Our handlers are careful not to overwork their dogs for prolonged periods, minimising the impact of fatigue, whilst making sure they are always at their best.


Excellent Diet and Veterinary Care

Everyone loves great food and healthcare, and our dogs deserve the same. We make sure that all of our dogs have an excellent diet, with many of them being fed on an ethically supplied raw diet. Whether routine vaccinations, check ups or responsive treatment, all of our dogs enjoy the very best in veterinary care.